Why I can't wait to document your day

this is not a transactional experience...

What do we mean by that? We believe in a true, lasting experience that comes with a close friendship. How could we ever begin to tell your love story if we didn't feel the emotions ourselves? We are obsessed with getting to know our couples, so much so that we'll probably be crying alongside you on your big day. So, we promise to offer an exclusive experience, one that focuses on YOU and YOUR story.

Artful & Intimate Photography

We've been photographing weddings for over 7 years. With each wedding comes a new opportunity for us to showcase our art, and tell your story in a heartfelt & artistic way. Each wedding is photographed & edited based on feeling, not style. Our editing style reflects the truest representation of your day. Everything from what we saw to the emotions we felt, your photographs will be edited according to feeling. This means an authentic experience for each and every one of our couples.

Some recent weddings to fall in love with...

Cinematic & Heartfelt Filmmaking

We've been filming weddings for over 4 years. The ability to share love stories in motion, seeing emotion in real-time, is breathtaking. Filmmaking is an artful craft that highlights the best, most intimate moments on your special day, including cinematic & artistic editing to tell a movie-like love story. Our films are short-story, but packed full of pure, heartfelt details. Each wedding film is vastly different from the ones before and after it, and we promise to tell your story the way it was meant to be told..

Some recent weddings to fall in love with...

Cecilia + John

Out of all of our vendors, Macabe was the most on top of it. He is very responsive and tries to work with you to be able to capture your day the way it should. Macabe is very easy to work with and he collaborates well with other vendors, even if your other vendors are being difficult.

the process

01. Review our website and galleries/films

the process

02. Send us an inquiry & schedule your call

the process

03. View & accept your proposal & pay your $500 deposit

the process

04. Sign your contract & begin working on your questionnaire

the process

05. Schedule your timeline consult & discuss details

the process

06. Wedding day!

the process

07. Patiently wait 1-10 days for your sneak peeks

the process

08. Delivery day! Download, print, & share your deliveries

the process

09. Receive your custom hardcopy keepsake

the process

10. Keep in touch with us, we'll miss you!


How long are wedding films?

Our films are anywhere from 4-10+ minutes in length, depending upon the package you choose.

What kind of gear do you use?

We love Canon! For our wedding photography and filmmaking, we use the best audio, stabilization, and camera equipment for your special day.

How will i receive my wedding film?

You will have unlimited, online access to digitally download your film for 10 years. You will also receive a custom engraved USB with your deliveries.

Do you include the entire day in your films?

In a sense, yes! Our wedding films are recorded in 5-20 second increments. We record only the best moments of your entire day, but not in their entirety. You can add full-formality coverage to any package.

Who else works with you?

We have a talented team of 2 photographers and 2 filmmakers. If I'm available, I will be the one working your event. If you bundle, my associates will work along my side!

How long have you been photographing and filming?

I opened my business officially in 2019, but have been capturing authentic moments in people's lives since I was in 11th grade!

Do you offer any discounts?

Our packages are all-inclusive. Items can not be changed or removed for discounts. We offer the ability to create a custom package to fit your needs. We do offer bundle discounts if you book photo and film with us!

What if i want an entire formality recorded?

No problem! We offer full-formality coverage as an add-on to your wedding films. We just need to know in advance to your wedding!

What's the difference between a videographer and a filmmaker?

A filmmaker is someone who tells a story with moving images and words. A filmmaker uses the art of storytelling with words and visuals to create emotion. A videographer is a person who shows up with a camera and shoots an event straight on. Both have a purpose, but our art originates around filmmaking.

Can i get the raw footage from my wedding film?

We offer an uncut bonus film, available for purchase at any time before your final films are delivered. This uncut film offers your best additional audio & video snips, unedited and non color-graded. It features aspects of your wedding you otherwise would not have seen.

Unfortunately, we can only guarantee full formality (entire dances, speeches, ceremony, and more) coverage if requested and purchased BEFORE the wedding day. Since we are filmmakers, we record only the best parts of your day.