This isn't a 'stick a price tag on it' type of structure. I have purpose behind each of my offerings. Putting a price on my work is not easy, because I truly feel that what I do is priceless. Therefore, I look at this as an investment. No, I am not the cheapest option out there, but I can promise you something that other vendors may not -- my commitment & dedication to you & your story. I take on a limited amount of work each year so I can focus in on exactly this -- your story and your purpose. This is an authentic experience, and I am so excited to share in it with you.


The average couple invests $5k

Your day, your way. My starting wedding photography investment offers a 400+ professionally-retouches images, custom usb with deliveries, digital access for 1 year, and no travel fees for most areas.


The average couple invests $5k

Authentic & real, just like you remembered it. My starting wedding film investment offers a 1-minute trailer film, 4+ minute highlight film, custom usb with deliveries, digital access for 10 years, and no travel fees for most areas.


from: $500

Capturing you, exactly as you are. My starting portrait investment offers 1-hour of continuous coverage and 50+ professionally-retouched images.


Macabe truly goes above and beyond and it shows! Out of all of our vendors, he was the most on top of it. He is very responsive and tries to work with you to be able to capture your day the way it should. He is very easy to work with and he collaborates well with other vendors, even if your other vendors are being difficult. We are so glad we decided to choose Macabe and would do it again in a heartbeat.