The dreamiest couples session....

Where to even begin with these two. Carli is not a stranger. She's actually my associate photographer and we met a few years ago when I moved to the Central PA area. I was looking for associates to assist me as I started getting into the wedding film industry. Carli and I hit it off right away. She's extremely talented for her age and experience. She continues to progress and she's an asset to my business. Levi's pretty cool too ;)

Carli was terrified Levi would drop her hahaha.

Their personalities are perfect for each other!!

Carli decided to book a session with me after she attended my styled wedding event a few months back. She had the crazy awesome idea of doing a waterfall session, IN THE WATER. I immediately agreed on this session and we started planning. We headed on out to the amazing Poe Valley State Park and shot some gorgeous nature-valley photographs on our way out to the falls.

Like whaaattttt?!?!?!

Levi's really holding her hand because he didn't want to fall, haha!

By the time we got to the falls, the lighting was absolutely perfect. We found this awesome 5-foot deep spring and decided to go for a dip. If only I could tell you the amount of people that came to watch us during this session. I'm sure we looked crazy, haha! But it was SOOO worth it. I couldn't stop editing these photos, and I'm sad they're all done, but I know I can count on Carli to book another wicked awesome shoot like this with me again soon!