Creativity based on emotion & feeling.

It's one thing to create something that someone can see and enjoy. But it's a whole other ball game when the viewer can feel what they're seeing. That's where creativity comes from. But before we can talk about creative visions, we need to discuss where creative drives come from. It could be a variety of different things. It can come from past experiences, dreams, or positive influences from other creatives. You see, we live in a world where beginners are pushed and driven from the advanced. Those that fall into that 'advanced' category can be ones that truly want you to succeed, the ones that strive for your visions and show their support in all you do. But there can also be those that fall into that 'advanced' category that are quite the opposite. These ones are self-focused on their own success & riches. These ones push for competition and easily become 'jealous' or 'envious' of your own personal success. They may have supported you for years, until you've gotten into the same playing field as them. Then the opposite happens, the ones who once pushed your success, the ones you once looked up to, turn this beautiful community into a competition.

Regardless of which situation you may have found yourself in, always remember one important thing. Tomorrow. Always remember that tomorrow will bring new beginnings, if you let it. You can stay focused on the past, you can stay focused on how others feel about you and your work, or you can continue pushing forward and driving your own success. And that takes us back to the core of this subject.

Once you've established what 'drives' your creative visions, you'll be able to continue feeding that creativity until you get to the point of creating based solely on emotion and feeling. What does that involve exactly? It involves more than just taking that picture. It involves being completely and wholeheartedly in-love with what you're creating, so much so that it begins to affect your own personal feelings and emotions. That's where story-telling begins. When you begin to feel yourself, your viewers will have that same type of feeling, and that's what creating based on emotion is all about. No matter what drives you, motivates you, or who encourages you to become a better version of yourself, remember to fall completely in love with what you do, every. single. time. This will ensure that you are creating based on the truest & purest form of emotions and feelings.

To back up my statements, please enjoy the following creative portraits from my recent adventure with Karrigan & Matthew.

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