Hi, my name is Macabe Sitler.

I believe in preserving moments that display true feelings. Feelings that were felt the exact same way you felt them the day they were captured. That means that each couple I work with offers a fresh perspective and new experience. Not one is ever the same as the one before it, or after it.



Artistic Style

One of the biggest compliments I receive about my work, is the artistic style in my photographs and films. This unique perspective is what I love most about my business. I am continually finding new ways to showcase my art from unique perspectives. I believe that's why the world calls what I do, art. And because of this, I can promise an authentic experience every time.

6+ Years of Experience

I'm slightly newer to the industry, but I'm proud to be. In an field that is constantly evolving, I'm always finding new ways to offer fresh perspectives with each one of my clients. Over the years, I've continued to improve my approach, style, and overall experience offered. I absolutely love my clients, and I treat them like family. If you aren't up to being stuck with me for life, then maybe I'm not the right choice for you!