Hi, I'm Macabe.

I'm an award-winning photographer + filmmaker from the United States. I've been capturing love stories for over 6 years and can confidently say 'it's my jam!'. There's nothing I love more than capturing real, raw emotion that defines the purest form of human connection. My goal is to preserve life as it happens.

When I'm not photographing & filming beautiful couples, you'll find me chilling at home watching movies with my beautiful wife, Kate. Kate and I are adventurers, and most summers when we aren't at your wedding, we're camping in the NEPA mountains!

My style is unique in itself. I love getting creative and groovy, and I guess that's why they call this job, art! Warm + earthy tones are our favorite. No wedding is ever the same, as we aim to provide a unique experience with every event. We've spent years securing our spot in this industry, and we can't wait to share our art with you! Let's create something beautiful together.

photo by Kayla Shenk Photography

Meet the rest of my team


Photo/Film Assistant

Wait, why am i in this image you ask? This is my honey! Meet my wife, Kate. She's my assistant photographer/filmmaker. If available & requested, she will be by my side on your big day to help things run smoothly & efficiently.


Lead Photography Associate

Meet Kayla! She's one of my lead photographers and is just as passionate about what she does as we are. She's been photographing couples and weddings professionally for a long time, and would love to start creating something special with you!

Learn more about Kayla, here.


Lead Filmmaking Associate

Neil's our top lead filmmaker and serves several couples a year under our brand. He specializes in a cinemaic, artist approach that offers unique perspectives full creativity. Neil loves what he does, and is motivated to truly change this industry with his work.

Learn more about Neil, here.


Lead Photography Associate

Say hello to Tashamonique! She has been in this industry longer than all of us, and her experience shows through her professional personality & product. Tasha is a true artist and wants nothing but the best for all the couples she has the opportunity to work with.

Learn more about Tasha, here.

Inquire today!

Since we are so passionate about your wedding or elopement, we only take on 10-15 weddings per year. This allows us to focus on what means most, you and your special someone. We truly want to create an experience you won't forget. Click here to inquire today!


Jessica Justick

“Macabe is not just a videographer, he is a filmmaker. He puts 110% into the editing of his videos to ensure perfection. On the day of our wedding, he went above and beyond to make sure that all of our most precious moments were captured. Above all, Macabe built a professional relationship with us and was able to incorporate our personalities into the wedding film.

Bonus: his extremely caring wife, Kate, is a licensed hair stylist.”

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